Its that time when all the rehearsals, all the line learning, all the production meetings, the months of hard work are all worth it. Its Opening night!

This production has been in the making for years and is a true labour of love for everyone involved. I asked the director James Dowson for a final few words before he hands the show over to the stage:

“The rehearsals are running well and the show is really coming alive. It’s been great fun rehearsing ‘scene-groups’ for the cast to see what other characters have been doing as we pull everything together ready for the move to Downing College and our first performance. We were really excited to have a feature article in the Cambridge Independent today explaining how the play is designed for both Shakespeare fans who might find some fresh insights into the characters, and for people prepared to be surprised at how much they could enjoy a Shakespeare play!”

Here are some of the comments from our amazing cast:

‘Its my first time acting with Combined Actors of Cambridge, so it’s amazing to join such a fantastic company. Stephano’s strong, feisty and doesn’t always have the best intentions. It’s been an absolute blast!’ Maddie Harris (Stephano)

‘I enjoy playing conflicted characters, and hope to bring that out in Caliban’. David John (Caliban)

‘Rehearsals are going well.Playing a comedy fool just up my street.James is a terrific Director.’ Micheal Flintoff (Trinculo)

Please note you don’t buy your tickets from the ADC main website, instead go to adcticketing or via Combined Actors website.

Whatever you don’t miss your chance to watch what promises to be a fresh, exciting production in the wonderful Howard Theatre.